Cable Installation

We use the Wire Scope 155
to test installed CAT 5/6 cable.

We do cable repair

Additional installs ( drops )

Complete construction jobs

Cable install or testing for home and office. Installation of internet connectivity, MSN, AOL modems or high speed DSL. Most problem fixed within and hour. We troubleshoot and resolve problems on-site.         

For most customers, the quality of a cabling job is difficult to determine - after all, most of the cabling is hidden in walls and ceilings. However, there IS a difference; Computing Consultant is able to test each data  cable and provide you with specific and detailed test information on each cable installed. Properly installed cabling will give you many years of excellent service. Cabling that is improperly installed, twisted, kinked, or laid too close to electrical equipment may work for a while, but can eventually cause serious problems with voice or data transmission, particularly as the speed transmission continues to increase.

Phone:(520) 444-6151 for on-site inspections in the Tucson area.